Singer Sewing Machine similar as in article except this one is electric.

Singer Sewing Machine similar as in article except this one is electric.




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     Our story begins in 1980.  It was to grandma Lulus' house after church on the weekend, where a feast almost always waited for the extended family.  I remember playing hide and seek with my older brother, and hiding under the long table.  The drapes almost always kept the room cool in summer and warm in winter.  It never occurred to me the drapes I used t hide behind, my grandma had made.  It wasn't until I managed to accidentally knock them down, that my grandma decided to impress this fact upon both of us.  And gave us a random special moment.  At that time she took us to a shed in the backyard, which was usually off limits to us.  As she pulled a cord from a single hanging light the once shadowy scraps of fabric burst to life revealing a rainbow of soft cloth.  To my seven year old self it looked perfect for diving in.

     She had one Singer sewing machine.  We had never seen one before.  She took her time and showed us how it was used.  She sat down, got a white sheet of paper and started sewing a straight line on it.  She used both her feet on the pedal.  I remember what looked like a long cord stretched from the right side of the machine to the bottom pedal.  She told me it was dangerous and not to get may dress caught on it, and to always sit tot he left away from it.  She showed my brother and me how to sew on this piece of paper.  

     Looking back, it was that mischievous moment in time that i am most grateful for.  It was then my love for sewing, and my creative curiosity was born.  Now, I'm grateful to not only be doing what I love to do, but also to be able to help peiple in need.  Look for our News Letter at the end of the year for inspiration and to see what you have helped us to accomplish with your support .

     Thank you so much for visiting, and for all your support.  Please know the best gift is the gift of "YOU".  Our creations at Lulus' are just small reminders, or markers of those special moments.  Make today a "Random Special Moment."